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Full Set of Plates & Mats

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This is one of Scrappy Cat Crafts extensive range of Scrappy Cat branded products, which include cutting plates, embossing mats, magnetic mats and shims, to fit most die cutting machines on the market. We have been manufacturing and selling these products for more than ten years and have thousands of satisfied customers. We invariably have stocks when the original machine importers let you down. Try us and see, we have a 'no quibble' returns policy, if you do not like a product just return it for a full refund.

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Scrappy Cat Crafts | Die Cutting & Cardcraft, Online & In-Store



Cut'n'Boss Full Plate & Mat Set


2 x A, B ,D  plates +1mm shim and magnetic & rubber mat

To use SPSETCB with Big Blue or eBosser requires a ‘C’ plate.

Either use your existing one or buy SPA412  to the left

A4  x 12mm

Base Plate C