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Double Sided Tape

12mm x 50m Acid Free

25mm x 25m

12mm x 25m

Extra Sticky Tape

12mm x 33m

6mm x 33m

Adhesive Foam Tape

6mm x 5m

3mm x 10m

Masking Tape

38mm x 25m

Framers Tape

A strong, thin double sided tape for all craft purposes.

Permanent double sided adhesive tape

Great for masking areas to create clean lines when painting also for temporary holding when using stencils and cutting templates, easy tear - easy to use.

A strong, thin  tape for all craft purposes.

One of the stickiest double sided tapes on the market, ideal for sticking bands of tiny embellishments to create borders and decorating effects.ojects.

tape for all craft purposes.

25mm x 50m Acid Free


3mm x 20m

6mm x 20m

Double Sided Sticky Tape

A strong, foam double sided tape,

1 or 2 mm thick foam.

Super Sticky Tape

1mm x 10mm x 2m

6mm x 10m

2mm x 10mm x 2m








10mm x 10mm

Square foam pads, in four thicknesses, with adhesive both sides

Double Sided Foam Pads

1mm thick

Foam tape 10mm wide and 1 or 2mm thick, with adhesive both sides.


Double Sided Foam Tape

2mm thick

3mm thick

4mm thick











2 x 10mm x 2m

1 x 10mm x 2m





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