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GoPower & Emboss Bumper Kit

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The GoPower and Emboss machine from Couture Creations is an A4 mains electric die cutting and embossing machine with a wide mouth and strong construction.The Bumper  Kit adds a card/paper pack and a set of shims to the standard machine and die pack

GoPower & Emboss Bumper Kit


Temporarily Out of Stock

The Gopower and Emboss whispers into action, with a robust 240 volt motor and powerful rollers our machine can apply an even pressure across plates as large as A4 Size (210 x 297mm) and as small as you dare.

Includes: A plate, B plate, C plate, metal adapter plate, latex embossing mat, Plus 30 bonus cutting dies and 2 bonus emboss folders.

(Watch out! The B Plate and the C Plate have been incorrectly printed. The B Plate is actually the C Plate, and the C Plate is actually the B Plate. Remember: The C Plate is always thicker than the B Plate)